Creating a greater campus and community

安全 is paramount, as evidenced by the dozens of programs and services in place to help protect, inform and empower our students.

安全 on The University of Akron campus

University of Akron 警察 Department badge University police

University of Akron police are on duty 24-7, patrolling the campus on foot, and from bikes and vehicles. Our officers have full law-enforcement authority from the state of Ohio, and they work closely with Akron city police and other area law enforcement agencies.


Program the police department’s number into your cell 330-972-2911 and never hesitate to call if you see unusual behavior

报名参加我们的 free cell phone alerts

Use the free campus escort service 在任何时候: 330-972-2911

Residence hall security

学生宿舍 are locked around 时钟. All require swipe 门禁卡. Located at the entrances, security desks are staffed 24 hours. Residence hall personnel receive specialized training in security and safety procedures.


You will see hundreds of the blue-light emergency phones across campus, on pedestrian walkways, inside parking decks, at building entrances and in elevators. The phones instantly connect to UA police dispatch. Our officers respond to all activated emergency phones, even if no words are spoken.

Emergency text messaging (Z-Alert)

With our Z-Alert text-messaging service, UA will notify you when campus closes or when there’s a major event that affects safety. Sign up for Z-Alert.

Sexual violence prevention

We strive to promote an environment of sexual respect—and that means zero tolerance for gender-based harassment, sexual assault or misconduct, relationship violence or stalking. We are committed to education and prevention of any threats to the safety of our campus community. On 这个页面, you will find helpful resources whether you are a victim or want to get involved to help preserve an environment of respect, civility and dignity.


UA's officers patrol campus and surrounding neighborhoods around 时钟. They are highly trained and have full arrest authority under Ohio law. Call the police 24-7 at 330-972-2911 or 9-1-1.

Wayne College police: 330-684-8910 or 9-1-1.

Located in the Student Recreation and Wellness Center, this department provides convenient health services and educational programming for campus.

The services provided by the professionals in this department help create a safe environment for the pursuit of academic, research and community work on our campus.


Campus Patrol available to escort you 24-7

The UA 警察 Department's Campus Patrol is available to escort you to and from your car to classrooms and labs 在任何时候. Call the service at 330-972-2911

Greater cooperation leads to new safety enhancements and investments

The city, county and University cooperate on a series of ongoing initiatives and safety-related enhancements for the neighborhood south of the University.

You play a role in reducing thefts

Theft on college campuses is often a crime of opportunity — somebody takes advantage of an unattended laptop, an unlocked door or a GPS visible in the window of a parked car.

The number of thefts on campus would decline if students were to take an extra moment to secure their belongings:

  1. In the library, if you are going to step away from your table, take your laptop with you.
  2. Lock the door to your residence hall room, even if going away for a minute.
  3. In your vehicle, tuck items of value out of sight.

The University goes after those caught stealing. All students who were found responsible for theft last year were suspended. Nonstudents charged with theft are sent through the criminal justice system.

UA will continue to do its part to reduce the occurrence of thefts. Students can help their cause by taking that extra step to help secure their valuables.